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Underwater Snorkeling Mask


If you enjoy snorkeling, you will know that having the right snorkeling equipment can make the snorkeling experience an enjoyable and enriched one. However, poor equipment can cause unnecessary hassles and disturbances which can negatively impact the experience. Some of the features to look into while selecting a snorkeling mask are: The fit The material […]

Snorkeling Mask for Small Face


Snorkeling is a popular hobby where the snorkeler enjoys underwater views with the help of a snorkeling kit. The snorkeling kit contains a snorkel and may contain a pair of goggles to protect the eyes under water. The snorkel is a long tube with one end above the surface of the water, and the other […]

Snorkeling Mask for Mustache


A snorkel mask is the most important piece of equipment you need before venturing into the world of snorkeling. The fit of the snorkel mask needs to be correct, else an incorrect fit can lead to water leaking, or it can be painful if the mask is too tight. The quality of the mask also […]

Snorkeling Mask Fogging


Snorkeling is a popular recreational activity to enjoy viewing the rich, underwater aquatic life. Snorkeling masks provide the required protection when the snorkeler is submerged in water. Traditional masks have a snorkel, or a tube that has a mouthpiece attached and the free end emerges out of the water surface. There are several inconveniences that […]

Snorkel Mask Brands


Snorkeling is a popular hobby wherein snorkelers explore under water with some basic equipment. The equipment is not complicated like scuba diving. The most basic equipment entails a snorkeling tube and a pair of goggles. The snorkel is usually 1 foot long and 1 inch diametrically wide. One end of the snorkel is above the […]

Full Face Snorkel Mask


Snorkeling is a popular hobby wherein we observe underwater life in a natural setting with some basic snorkeling equipment. The equipment required is a long tube known as a snorkel, fitted with a mouth piece and a pair of goggles to be used underwater. The snorkel is used for breathing air from above the water […]