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Easybreath Snorkeling Mask Review

Last Updated on November 17, 2021 by Dan

Easybreath Snorkeling Mask Review

On paper, snorkeling (scuba diving) is good, but in reality, it is always full of constraints. The mask is filled with fog, the snorkel hurts your mouth and takes water when you dive. These constraints make your dive less magical.

While diving fascinates a great number of people, it should not overshadow the importance of professional diving: underwater construction work, assembly and research, rescues or offshore diving practiced for the construction and maintenance of drilling platforms near the coast.

Staying in and under water creates specific hazards found nowhere else. In certain circumstances, the human body can suffer serious injury if certain rules are not respected, especially because of the increase and decrease of pressure experienced by the body during the dive and hauling, and long-term effects of this pressure.

The physical constraints of diving and hyperbaric work therefore necessitate the regular organization of proficiency examinations to prevent health problems.

The Easybreath Snorkeling Mask with its full diving mask and snorkel integrated, meets all the requirements! It helps you breathe naturally in water through the nose or mouth! In addition, an anti-fogging system is integrated into the mask. The icing on the cake, a valve prevents it from taking water when you dive!

No more trouble with discovering the magnificent marine life!

A diving mask that allows you to breathe naturally in water! It’s probably happened to you at a small jog to experience, within a few minutes, a little short breath. At such moments it is good and reassuring to know that you can either breathe through your mouth and nose.

Swimming and Diving With a Snorkel

The snorkel helps a person to swim on their stomach with their head in water, without holding their breath. Divers who use a device to sink ten centimeters into the water also need a snorkel to swim on the surface without much effort.

That said, the snorkel only works on principle on the surface of water. It should not be used for deep diving because it increases the dead space of the respiratory tract and requires a significantly greater breathing effort.

From fifty centimeters deep, the inspiratory muscles no longer have the strength to overcome the water pressure acting on the chest. Therefore, a snorkel should not measure more than 35 centimeters long or be used for anything other than swimming with one’s face in the water.

The Easybreath mask aims to make submerged breathing more natural. To do this, Tribord invented the first full face snorkel to see and breathe under water as easily as on land.

Breathing is through the nose and mouth naturally. The view of 180° offers perfect visibility. Mist is completely eliminated thanks to a double airflow.

The sensation is immediately reassuring. The discomfort and intrusive and unhygienic side of the snorkel in your mouth is gone.

Moreover, to ensure that water does not enter through the snorkel, the Easybreath mask is equipped with a mechanism that clogs up the snorkel during immersion. The top of the snorkel is more highly visible to prevent collisions.

Be careful with free diving. The Dry top system does not function horizontally. So, if you are completely immersed in the water, head first, to pick a shell at the bottom, a little water can enter. But, after all, according to a survey, 80% of snorkel users are surface swimmers.

Each mask corresponds to a size; this means that you cannot lend, unlike an adjustable mask. There is no size well suited for young children.

Diving With a Helmet

Modern suits provided with a lighter plastic helmet are usually integrated with a respiratory regulator. The flexible full face snorkeling mask is designed on the same principles. Modern helmets are also tightly fixed on the dry suit.

The ballast is indispensable, especially so that the diver can work in a comfortable position. Instead of lead shoes, slippers or flippers are used, allowing the diver to move more freely and possibly swim.

Modern suits can be equipped with, inter alia, a telephone link with the surface, possibly from a surveillance camera mounted on the helmet, and a supply of air for a safe ascent in case of loss of supply from the surface.

To conclude, Easybreath designers were able to give another dimension to snorkeling, while revolutionizing the user experience.

Diving with a Hood

The Henderson diving hood is very comfortable and made from Thermoprene (a high quality neoprene and low pill fabric). It is available from Amazon here.