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HiCool 180 Larger Viewing Snorkel Diving Mask Review

Last Updated on March 11, 2022 by Dan

HiCool 180 Larger Viewing Snorkel Diving Mask Review

These days various snorkels are showing up in the market but not all of them guarantee a success rate that is unbeatable. Various companies are launching different kinds of snorkels but as you may well have noticed, they do not all compete in an increasingly competitive market.

All the products that come up in the market these days have their positive as well as their negative characteristics. However, it becomes extremely essential to understand which factors need to be taken into consideration while purchasing a snorkel.

Keeping in mind all these factors, HiCool has recently designed and released a snorkeling mask that exceeds almost all boundaries set by a normal snorkel in many ways. The HiCool 180 Degree Larger Viewing Snorkeling Diving Maskmask is exotic and comfortable to wear in all aspects.

The basic quality a person looks for when trying to purchase an appropriate snorkel is the ease with which the mask helps breathing underwater. HiCool has come as close as possible to making the ideal snorkeling gear that adheres to this requirement in every manner possible. Click here for Amazon link


  • This snorkel provides a panoramic view to the scuba divers
  • It integrates an anti-fog system
  • There is a separate breathing chamber that creates airflow away from the main viewing board
  • All face types supported – an interesting feature of this snorkel is that it incorporates an elastic bandage that can be used to get the mask to fit any kind of head shape
  • It comes with an arc mask instead of a traditional mask that enhances the experience underwater in various ways
  • Like all the other snorkels coming up in the market these days, this snorkel too is provided with a technology that removes air from the mask directly
  • A striking feature of this snorkel is that it has a longer ventilation pipe when compared to other snorkels available in the market
  • This snorkel has an anti-leak technology that is inbuilt


  • Breathing and seeing underwater becomes extremely comfortable.
  • The mask has inbuilt rubber gaskets so that the face is not in an uncomfortable position or so that the face does not encounter any inconvenience while underwater
  • The strap that this snorkel consists of is extremely user friendly in all aspects
  • Objects seem closer than they really are with this snorkel
  • You can breathe just as normally as you do without any disruptions


  • Like other snorkels the major problem that this snorkel faces is that it fogs up too soon
  • People who have used it believe that it does not meet the expectations of a standard dive mask
  • Does not work in great depths. If it’s just for the surface, it is okay, but not for great depths


This snorkel mask, made from Japanese non-toxic silicone comes in red and black colors. It makes breathing easy and comfortable. The learning curve is short and mounting is simple with its two-piece design.

It comes with a mesh storage bag and an air tube to help the diver float easily and keep water from leaking into the mask.  The user can breathe with either the mouth or the nostrils using the built-in separate tubes.

The mask allows for a clear view of 180 degrees and the possibility of fogging is close to zero, though it has a tendency to fog too soon after a number of uses. While it is great for surface diving, it is not good for submerged diving.


HiCool vs Octobermoon: Also made from Japanese non-toxic silicone and German Bayer PC, the Octobermoon is made of user-friendly materials and provides a panoramic view of the sea because of its 180 degree view design.

The mask is extremely adjustable and hence enhances user experience compared to the HiCool. Octobermoon comes incorporated with an anti-Fog technology and an anti-leak system.

From user reviews, the HiCool mask is not a top of the line diving mask because of the ease with which it fogs and its inability to stay in place during slight deep-diving. Hence, my loyalties go with the Octobermoon that doesn’t only feel like a quality product, but incorporates state of the art features for diving enthusiasts like myself.

The big plus for the Octobermoon mask is the fact that it is designed to suit both kids and adults. People of all age groups can use it without a second thought.


Like all the other snorkels, the HiCool 180 Larger Viewing Snorkeling Diving Mask works adequately but only when it comes to working at the surface. If this product is tested in great depths, then it fails to perform efficiently. It is extremely useful for beginners, but not much can be said when it comes to people who are extremely experienced at diving.