The Best Scuba Diving Gear

Smaco s300 Plus Mini Tank

Smaco s300plus mini tank

If you’re a scuba diver, you know that having a reliable and durable portable mini scuba tank as a backup is a must. This backup source could be life-saving equipment when you suddenly find yourself out of the air in the water. The Smaco s300 mini scuba tank is a compact, easy-to-use emergency air supply … Read more

Pulse Dive Scuba Detector Review

pulsedive metal detector

Looking for a  Nokta Macro Pulse Dive Scuba Detector? This article will review the Scuba Detector and give you all the information you need to make an informed purchase. The Scuba Detector is perfect for beginner and experienced divers alike. It is easy to use and comes with a variety of features that will make … Read more

Where to Buy Prescription Diving Goggles

Are you looking for prescription diving goggles? Diving is a popular sport and a popular hobby, but it can be dangerous. When you go scuba diving, you want the best possible experience and don’t want to miss anything.  You don’t want to ruin your dive because of blurry vision! Read on for tips on where … Read more

How to Maintain Your Scuba Diving Equipment

diving equipment

Scuba diving is a phenomenal activity, and one that requires knowledge, preparation and of course the right equipment. Taking care of our scuba equipment between dives is an extremely important thing to do, and it has a primary role in keeping us safe and comfortable, and avoiding any type of incidents or accidents underwater. Our … Read more

The Top 5 Diving Watches for Women

Diving watches are an essential piece of equipment for any woman who loves to explore the underwater world. Whether you’re a novice or an advanced diver, it’s important that your timepiece can withstand pressure and has all the necessary features, so you have no worries when diving deep into the ocean. In this article, we … Read more

How To Wash A Wetsuit In 17 Steps

Wetsuits are tight-fitting rubber suits used by surfers, divers, swimmers and other water sports enthusiasts. They are made of neoprene foam sandwiched between two layers of rubber that help retain body heat in cold waters. Regardless of the type or material of your wetsuit, it is important to wash it regularly and avoid getting it … Read more

ScubaPro Scuba Diving BCD Product Comparison

ScubaPro is a brand of diving equipment, including masks, snorkels, and regulators. ScubaPro was founded in 1963 by divers who wanted to create the highest quality scuba gear possible. Today their mission is still the same: to bring you innovative products that are designed for safety and comfort so you can enjoy your time underwater … Read more

4 Medium Priced Dive Watches For Men

One medium prized diver’s watch might serve beginners as well as intermediate divers. Manufacturers also balance the materials used with a pricing that they set for them. In some cases, some watches would even contend with the more costly versions. Overall the medium budget dive watches are an excellent balance between stylish design affordability, quality … Read more

Modern and Vintage Diving Posters

Everything will kill you so choose something fun diving poster

If diving can be considered as ‘art’, then diving posters are its masterpieces. There’s something about the bright and vibrant colors and unique designs of diving posters that capture our imagination, making us dream of more undersea adventures. They make great gifts as they are usually priced between $15-30 each. Most scuba diving poster art … Read more