The Best Scuba Diving Gear

How to Maintain Your Scuba Diving Equipment

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Scuba diving is a phenomenal activity, and one that requires knowledge, preparation and of course the right equipment. Taking care of our scuba equipment between dives is an extremely important thing to do, and it has a primary role in keeping us safe and comfortable, and avoiding any type of incidents or accidents underwater. Our … Read more

Scuba Diving Certifications in 2020

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Certifications are essential for scuba diving. They determine how deep you can go, what type of gear you can use, and other safety protocols that must be followed to dive safely. Certifications expire every five years so it’s important to stay up-to-date on your certifications throughout the year.  Certification requirements vary depending on where you’re … Read more

9 Items to Buy in Your First Set of Scuba Diving Gear

Have you ever wanted to buy your own set of scuba diving equipment and held off until you completed your Open Water Diver Certification? Not happy with hire equipment anymore but not sure what to buy first? If that’s the case, this article is ideal for you. However, before purchasing your first set of scuba … Read more

How to improve your buoyancy using a compensator

A buoyancy compensator device, commonly known as buoyancy compensator, BCD or BC for short is a piece of equipment worn by divers to help them maintain their buoyancy underwater. It is usually buoyant and provides positive buoyancy in water so that the diver does not have to rely on swimming skills alone. For experienced divers … Read more

Dry Suit Diving Questions

Advanced Recreation Diver Dry Suit Diver Practise Q & A which will help you prior to your knowledge reviews Here are some practice questions and answers to help you along: Question 1 Explain why even mild hypothermia can be a problem for divers, and how to avoid it. Question 2 How do you check for … Read more

Getting into Dry Suit Diving

Dry suit diving is a type of scuba diving that involves using dry suits for insulation. A drysuit diver will wear neoprene boots, gloves, hood and dry mask to protect the body against water. It’s great for people doing cold water diving, or ice diving and ensuring you keep warm. The dry suit diver wears … Read more

Create Your Dive LogBook

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The dive logbook (also referred to as dive diary or dive record book) is the most important piece of equipment for any diver. It can be thought about as an on-board dive computer, but without the bells and whistles that computers are famous for. The dive logbook is a record of all dives done by … Read more

Common Types of Barotrauma

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Barotrauma is the damage caused to ears, lungs, or other parts of the body by a change in air pressure. It occurs when the atmospheric pressure changes, for example during ascent or descent during scuba diving. Barotraumas can also occur near bodies of water from sudden change in ambient air volume due to wave motion. … Read more

Scuba Cylinders: Care Tips & When to Take Them for Visual Inspection

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Do you know how to care for your diving cylinders properly? Diving cylinders are the lifeblood of every scuba diver. They supply air to breathe underwater, and without them, we couldn’t dive at all! But these tanks require special care to keep them working correctly. This post will provide you with some tips on how … Read more