The Best Scuba Diving Gear

Scuba Cylinders: Care Tips & When to Take Them for Visual Inspection

scuba diver

Do you know how to care for your diving cylinders properly? Diving cylinders are the lifeblood of every scuba diver. They supply air to breathe underwater, and without them, we couldn’t dive at all! But these tanks require special care to keep them working correctly. This post will provide you with some tips on how … Read more

3 Underwater Photography Tips You Should Know

Green Sea Turtle from Maui

3 Underwater Photography Tips You Should Know Shoot with what you got! Many divers are under the assumption that they need the fanciest camera equipment to capture good photos. This is incredibly false. Use what you have and be creative. Some of my personal favourite photos were captured with a GoPro. It’s portable, light, inexpensive and … Read more

Snorkeling Mask Fogging And How to Avoid It

cressi freediving mask and snorkel set

Snorkeling is a popular recreational activity to enjoy viewing the rich, underwater aquatic life. Snorkeling masks provide the required protection when the snorkeler is submerged in water. Traditional masks have a snorkel, or a tube that has a mouthpiece attached and the free end emerges out of the water surface. There are several inconveniences that … Read more

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