The Best Scuba Diving Gear

How to Maintain Your Scuba Diving Equipment

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Scuba diving is a phenomenal activity, and one that requires knowledge, preparation and of course the right equipment. Taking care of our scuba equipment between dives is an extremely important thing to do, and it has a primary role in keeping us safe and comfortable, and avoiding any type of incidents or accidents underwater. Our … Read more

ScubaPro Scuba Diving BCD Product Comparison

ScubaPro is a brand of diving equipment, including masks, snorkels, and regulators. ScubaPro was founded in 1963 by divers who wanted to create the highest quality scuba gear possible. Today their mission is still the same: to bring you innovative products that are designed for safety and comfort so you can enjoy your time underwater … Read more

Diving Resources You Need To Know

The National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center is the bible for divers, residents and vacationers in this area of the world, with a special focus on hurricanes, tropical storms and cyclones that typically affect this region. Another essential guide to hurricane readiness resources, including evacuation routes, storm surge maps and emergency information, mostly … Read more

9 Items to Buy in Your First Set of Scuba Diving Gear

Have you ever wanted to buy your own set of scuba diving equipment and held off until you completed your Open Water Diver Certification? Not happy with hire equipment anymore but not sure what to buy first? If that’s the case, this article is ideal for you. However, before purchasing your first set of scuba … Read more

Create Your Dive LogBook

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The dive logbook (also referred to as dive diary or dive record book) is the most important piece of equipment for any diver. It can be thought about as an on-board dive computer, but without the bells and whistles that computers are famous for. The dive logbook is a record of all dives done by … Read more