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Octobermoon 180° Snorkel Mask Features You Should Know

Last Updated on July 9, 2021 by Dan


  • Made from Japanese non-toxic silicone and German Bayer PC
  • Made from user-friendly materials
  • Provides a panoramic view of the sea because of the 180-degree design of the product
  • This mask is user friendly when it comes to providing users with an enhanced experience, as the mask is extremely adjustable
  • Anti-Fog technology is inbuilt in this mask
  • Anti-leak technology is inbuilt in this snorkel


  • Designed to suit both kids and adults. People from all age groups can use this product without any problems
  • This snorkel mask in no way depends upon the physique of the person using it because it can fit into any face type without any problems
  •  The materials that are taken into consideration are extremely non-toxic and environment-friendly in nature, thereby preventing all forms of skin allergy
  • Extremely comfortable
  • This mask has a separate breathing chamber that provides the user with negligible fogging which in turn enhances their experience
  • This product comes with a mesh bag which people find really thoughtful
  • Clear vision knows no bounds when using this snorkel
  • It is more comfortable to wear for extended periods than normal masks
  • Cheaper and better than other snorkels available in the market


  • Difficulty in maintaining suction underwater


The main issue that comes to mind when purchasing a snorkel is that the person using it should be able to breathe under water without any disturbance whatsoever. The snorkel mask by Octobermoon not only helps in making breathing under water easier in various ways, but this snorkel mask also incorporates a GoPro feature which makes it possible to use the mask under water to capture numerous images or make videos according to your needs.


We are going to compare the Octobermoon with the Ninja H20 full face mask. As one of the most recent releases on a slowly over-crowded market, the Ninja H20 integrates the same features and functions like most quality full face masks.

The Ninja is designed in two models: The Original design and the GoPro design which comes at an extra $20 for the mount. When I tried out the Ninja its performance was flawless.

I didn’t record any form of fogging and leaking like some of the really cheap full face snorkel masks that have taken the market by storm this past year.

From my experience, it is a quality mask. When I used it, I could breathe easily through my nose and water did not come rushing in through the snorkel. The mask has a one way purge valve, so I feared water may get in easily during diving; but nothing.

I also tried the GoPro edition and it worked just fine with my GoPro Hero4 Silver. It was easy to connect and it stayed in place while I took great videos.

The only reason I don’t recommend the Ninja over the Octobermoon is the cost which is almost two times the price of the Octobermoon Snorkeling mask. Moreover, it is not built to suit people of all ages like the Octobermoon design. Another thing I don’t like with this mask is the limitation in size.

Unfortunately, it only comes in two sizes. Needless to tell you that getting a good fit will be nothing short of a nightmare. I’d rather you go with the Octobermoon, if not the Seaview. They come at much more affordable prices and offer the same and sometimes even more and better functionality.


The product discussed above, Octobermoon 180° Full view Panoramic Snorkel Mask is decent on many levels but depending on the requirement of the diver, this second generation product has less negatives than the previous model as they fixed the water leaking problems the original mask design had.  This can be an extremely helpful product on a budget. Overall, this is a product that is marked by a uniqueness factor. A snorkel with so many inbuilt features at such an amazing price is not a common finding in the market.