Diving Fins Basics

Last Updated on February 12, 2021 by Diver Dan

Selecting the right scuba diving fins for your diving set shouldn’t be difficult with only a couple of decisions to make. Just make sure you are selecting diving fins because there are many other types as well. Snorkel fins tend to be lighter as you don’t need to have as much power for maneuvering. There are also swim training fins and boogie boarding fins which would be too short for diving and spear fishing fins which would be too long. The two main concerns when selecting fins for your dive gear is the blade type and the footing style.

Blade Type:
Split Fin – This means there is a split right down the middle of the fin which helps with conserving energy. These would be better for locations with little current or for people who suffer from joint pain. These work well for flutter kicking.
Paddle – This is a solid fin which helps propel you through the water faster. These can be used anywhere and definitely should be used where there are powerful currents as to help you maneuver. These will be useful for steering without kicking up clouds of silt.

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Footing Style:
Full foot – Is the least expensive way to go. This way you only have to buy the fins and will not have to add booties on to your order. It is lighter to wear and because of that a little easier to paddle with. Fin socks can be worn with these if there is any rubbing.
Open heel – Most divers are going to want to select open heel fins because of the added benefits unless saving money is your main concern. When in cold waters having an open heel allows you to wear booties underneath that will protect your feet from the cold. The booties also allow you to walk easily over rough terrain or extreme temperatures. The straps of the open heel are adjustable so you can get the perfect fit.

Don’t forget about having a diving watch and diving knife as well.