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Choosing A Reliable Diving Knife

Last Updated on March 11, 2022 by Dan

Diving Knives- 4 to consider

Having a reliable diving knife easily accessible can be invaluable when under the water.  It can be used for things as prying open an oyster to freeing yourself from netting before you run out of oxygen.  I have seen great footage of divers cutting free beautiful whales and other marine life from fishing lines and other hazardous materials that ultimately saved the animal’s lives.  While most experiences won’t be life or death just knowing that you have selected a dive knife that works well when needed will give you peace of mind.

Note: Once you have received your new knife be sure to test it out on something to make sure that it is as sharp as it looks.  Also you might want to buy one with a bright color handle so if it gets dropped it will be much easier to spot.

There are only two types that are recommended to last longer for use in the salt waters and that is stainless steel and titanium with the latter being more expensive but lighter to carry.  They both have their pros and cons and will both need some up keep.  Remember to wash any dive knife off afterwards with clean water to get the salt off and let it dry before folding it or returning it to the sheath.

There are also different options to chose from and each will factor in when selecting the right knife for different uses.

  • Straight edge –  Good for slicing thinly or precisely.
  • Serrated edge – Are useful in cutting objects that are harder to get through.  They hold their sharpness longer but are harder to sharpen.
  • Net cutter – Quick way to cut netting.
  • All in one – Has all three of these edges included for versatility.

  • Flat/ Blunt tip –  Good for screwing things down and prying things open.  Recreational divers would get use out of this.
  • Pointed tip – Can be dangerous and are usually used by fishermen.  Good for puncturing and slicing.
  • Tanto tip – Which looks like a combination of the two tips.  It is pointed at the top and has a flat edge below that.  Can be used as both.

  • Folding blade – Can work well if it is easy to open.  Usually small but comes in many sizes.
  • 3″-5″ blade –  Most popular length blade for diving.
  • 5+” blade – Diving blades longer than five inches usually get in the way and cause more nuisance than help but it is your preference.

A list of some top rated diving knives on Amazon:

Promate Scuba Dive Snorkel Titanium Knife 4 3/8″ blade with strap and sheath

This knife has great reviews!  It is also the same knife used by Bear Grylls on the TV reality show Man vs. Wild and he uses this knife for many things in many ways.  There is a titanium hammer on the bottom of the handle.  The one shown here has a pointed tip but they also come with blunt tip and in different colors. It locks securely into its sheath and is easily removed.

Buy Now $43.50

Promate Barracuda Sharp Tip Titanium Diving Knife with 5″blade

Another one with great reviews by Promate.  The price tag on this knife is a bit bigger but the knife is a quality product.  It has a titanium blade and hammer on the bottom of the knife.  Lightweight, easy release and adjustable straps.  Made to be used by professional divers.

Buy Now $93.95

Zip Titanium Diving Knife

This Zip diving knife is highly recommended by the divers that have purchased it.  It is made of a titanium knife blade and a stainless steel cap has been placed on the bottom of the handle for hammering.  It has a durable and lightweight design while it is priced inexpensively.  It is extremely sharp and can cut through different materials by using straight, serrated or net cutting capabilities.  It is easy to clean and does come with a sheath and straps as well.

Buy Now $23.49

Scuba Choice Scuba Diving Compact Black Stainless Steel Blunt Tip BCD Knife
Scuba Diving Snorkeling Knife

This Scuba Choice dive knife is made out of stainless steel.  It is the smallest knife on the list with a 2.3″ blade.  The total length of the knife is 7″ and has a nylon grip.  There is a stainless steel cap on the bottom of the handle for hammering and this product does come with a sheath and straps.

Buy Now $24.89