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Snorkel Mask Brands

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Snorkel Mask Brands

Snorkeling is a popular hobby wherein snorkelers explore under water with some basic equipment. The equipment is not complicated like scuba diving. The most basic equipment entails a snorkeling tube and a pair of goggles.

The snorkel is usually 1 foot long and 1 inch diametrically wide. One end of the snorkel is above the water, while the other end has a mouthpiece that the snorkeler fits to his mouth. Breathing is primarily done with the help of the snorkel when the snorkeler goes below the surface of the water.

The traditional method of the snorkeling tube was cumbersome to say the least. It caused jaw pains, breathing difficulties (as breathing had to be done through the mouth), and gagging. Owing to this, a new product entered the market called as the Full Face Snorkel Mask that solved all of the inconveniences caused by the traditional snorkeling set.

What is a Full Face Snorkel Mask?

A full face snorkel mask is a large mask that is fitted with a snorkel tube. Its features are:

  1. The mask covers the entire face and fits snugly to the face with straps. The mask fits well to prevent water from entering into the mask.
  2. Fresh air enters through the snorkel into a separate breathing chamber then into the mask, thereby allowing easy breathing through the nose and mouth.
  3. The masks are anti-fogging and leak proof, thereby giving a clear view underwater.
  4. The mask lens is wide and allows for 180-degree viewing of aquatic life.

All in all, the full face snorkel mask has made snorkeling an easy and enjoyable experience for beginner and experienced snorkelers alike.

There has been a surge of several brands that have entered the market that are manufacturing full face snorkel masks. While all of them share most of the features listed above, some brands are more popular than others.

Some of the popular snorkel mask brands are:

Tribord EasyBreath Snorkel Mask

The design of Tribord EasyBreath is patented and is currently the market leader in snorkel masks. The mask is comfortable and durable, and has a polycarbonate window that makes it shatterproof. It is anti-fogging and prevents leaks, and its EasyBreath technology makes breathing through the nose or mouth easy.

Seaview 180-Degree Snorkel Mask

Seaview Snorkel mask is made by a company called Wildhorn Outfitters that have been making quality underwater products for decades. The Seaview is suited for both adults and kids alike.

It has all of the features of the full face snorkel masks, and supports a camera mount for a GoPro to record your snorkeling experience. The Seaview also has a wide 180-degree panoramic view feature that enhances the snorkeling experience.

Octobermoon Snorkel Mask

The Octobermoon snorkel mask is a quality product that has all of the features you’re looking for. The mask is durable and comfortable, and comes with a high visibility snorkel end cap that makes the snorkeler visible above water. The mounting bracket is more generic and fits most standard action cameras.

H20 Ninja

The Ninja is a good quality full face snorkel mask. The company is based in Hawaii. Apart from the regular features, the Ninja also supports the add-on feature of a GoPro mount if required.

There are several other snorkel mask brands on the market that provide quality products. Here are a few:

  1. Ceari 180
  2. Thenice Surface Snorkel
  3. Sea Vu Dry
  4. Ocean Reef Aria
  5. SeaFin by Sharkgear

While the full face masks have definitely managed to counter the difficulties faced with the traditional snorkeling set, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind while buying a full face snorkel mask:

  1. Diving down is not possible with the full face snorkel masks. Diving down can increase ear pressure within the mask.
  2. Prescription glasses cannot be worn within the mask because the frame will interfere with the seal of the mask.
  3. The mask is bulky and can be difficult to carry.
  4. The mask must be taken off when not in use, or else scratches on the mask can obstruct viewing.
  5. Some brands have a weak camera mount, hence expensive cameras must be mounted with care and consideration.

Regardless of the above, the full face snorkel masks are here to stay. The mask is ideal for beginners (as the learning curve to use them is very minimal) and experienced snorkelers, especially those who have issues with sore jaws after using the traditional snorkels. It is a great buy!

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