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5 Best Snorkeling Masks for Shallow Diving

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To choose one’s diving gear, three variables are important: power, efficiency and comfort. Generally, the higher the amount of water displaced by the palm, the better the kicking power. Furthermore, fins that convert a higher percentage of your kicking effort into forward motion are considered more effective.

Snorkel designers offer a complete range of equipment including masks, adjustable and full foot gears, made of various materials to meet varied diving needs. If you want to know what people buy more when they look into “Scuba diving”, then you are in the right place.

This article will fully review the most popular products currently available on the market. Sites that sell these products maybe Amazon and ebay.

By definition, the snorkel is the basic accessory that connects the diver to the surface and the aquatic environment. Indeed, this element allows the human to breathe the air needed during immersion. To dive serenely, it is important that this material is well suited to each user.

How to make the best choice tuba in the store?

While it does not represent the most used element in scuba diving, snorkels made of silicone or more rarely rubber, remain an essential piece of equipment in diver safety and the choice should not be neglected.

Today, with a considerably extended range of prices, materials, uses and aesthetic efforts, the snorkel you considered unnecessary or cumbersome a few years ago may become a loyal friend who perfectly fits your swimsuit and will remain available for your snorkeling or spearfishing sessions.

The vast majority of snorkeling masks are multi-purpose; however, depending on the nature of your main activity – scuba diving, fishing/snorkeling, swimming with flippers and snorkel – we can guide you in choosing the mask most suitable to your needs, and not to mention the aesthetic aspects.

The composition of the tuba

The simplest snorkels are constituted solely of the curved tube and the mouthpiece. They are preferred by some users because they are small in size and often very low priced. The tube whose end remains free allows air to be supplied to the tip placed in the mouth of the diver, who can then breathe while keeping his/her head under water.

More advanced diving snorkels will frequently include a valve, or purge, which will facilitate the expulsion of water from the snorkel after apneas without the diver having to head out of the water. The deflector will channel the water expelled by the hose to avoid false aspersions and restrict or prevent water entry when diving in rough weather.

Each element brings a lot of benefits and constraints!

So how do you choose a snorkel?

The criteria taken into account are different depending on your primary use. Among these may be noted the inspiratory and expiratory comfort, the wearing comfort, ergonomics and hydrodynamics, the size, strength and do not forget the aesthetic.

Inspiratory comfort

Largely depends on the volume and length of the tube. A wide and long tube can provide a larger air volume, however, increased dead space require additional inspiratory effort.

Expiratory comfort

Comfortable breathing will be facilitated by the presence of a valve which helps in expiration, and whose effectiveness will be more or less depending on its configuration. Look for a valve in the tube axis (in the direction of air flow), the lowest and the widest possible to limit efforts to drain water. Some snorkels are equipped with double valves, or elliptical valves, optimized to occupy all the available space under the cap, for better efficiency.

The wearing comfort

Imposes a reflection on the tip of your tuba: its shape, its position, its modularity. The shape of the tip will act directly on comfort. A molded tip directly on the tube will generally be more rigid and less inclined towards the mouth, but perhaps more aesthetic while being perfectly suited to your body.

Silicone straps offer better durability, retain their flexibility longer, and are more elastic and more resistant to UV. The rubber straps, economical and natural, tend to dry out and crack over time, and to undergo UV discoloration.

Tubes for mild asthmatics, developed in 2006 by an Australian company, are no longer marketed today, but the idea is certainly worth watching out for. They were equipped with a tank containing an inhaler and a push button for dispensing a dose of medicine when required.

Best Product Price Rating
 Vaincre 180° View Snorkel Mask$$4.3/5
 SeaView 180° Snorkel Mask Review$$$4.3/5
 Octobermoon 180°Full view Panoramic Snorkel Mask Review$$4.5/5
 HiCool 180 Dgree Larger Viewing Snorkeling Diving Mask Review$$4.1/5
 Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask Snorkel Set$4.4/5
 Tribord EasyBreath Full Face$$$4.5/5
 Cobalt Tuvalu Full Face Snorkeling Mask$$$4.7/5
2AquaRobotman 180 Full Face Snorkel Mask For Adults or Kids$$$4.9/5
3Ouuker 180 Degree Diving mask$$$4.9/5
1Zipoute Face Snorkel Mask Technology$$$4.9/5

You understand that there is more than one choice to make. So let’s move on to the best sellers available today!

Vaincre 180° View Snorkel Mask

Vaincre has recently developed a 180-degree view snorkel which ensures the safety of the scuba diver under water while improving the user experience when it comes to viewing the beauty of the under-water world. The primary and most striking feature that this product provides is that it makes breathing extremely easy under water for divers.

It almost feels as if a person is not breathing under water but is breathing out in the open air. The most unique aspect about this snorkel is that unlike others which have come up in the market almost at the same time or earlier, it is tubeless.


  • 180-degree view
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate window for added safety
  • Full mask for natural breathing through the mouth and nose
  • Inbuilt exclusive ventilation system to prevent fogging
  • Dry top at the top of the snorkel to keep the snorkel dry
  • Purge valve at the bottom of the snorkel to drain the water when the diver’s head is raised
  • Elastic straps
  • Inner Size: 6.69 x 5.12 inch, Outer Size: 9.06 x 7.48 inch


  • Prevents water from entering the mask
  • Comes with soft ear plugs to keep salt water out
  • No fogging witnessed so far
  • Comes with comfortable and adjustable elastic bands
  • Comes with a mesh carry bag
  • Incorporates an extra O-ring for snorkel piece
  • GoPro mount helps in capturing beautiful moments under water


  • No fogging near the eye but considerable fogging near the mouth
  • Does not stay on the face when the person dives too deep
  • Fails to perform efficiently even with the slightest wave
  • Not good for subsurface diving
  • Straps easily become loose


This impressive scuba diving gear which covers the entire face, offers a field view of 180 degrees, unlike the smaller traditional masks. In addition, users can breathe through both nose and mouth, a sense of revolutionary design that nevertheless seems quite natural. The integrated snorkel has a device that prevents water from seeping in even in case of immersion, which could facilitate prolonged deep diving.

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SeaView 180° Snorkel Mask Review

One of the unparalleled snorkeling masks found in the market these days is designed and supplied by a company called SeaView. The snorkeling mask recently launched has set its benchmark and sales have witnessed a magnificent hike. The SeaView snorkel market fulfills almost each and every expectation of the diver.


  • Extremely durable
  • Full-face design
  • On and off straps with minimal assistance needed
  • Dry snorkel technology
  • Tubeless
  • Built-in anti-fog technology
  • 180-degree view
  • No water leakage


  • Extremely easy to use and adapt to all face-types
  • 180-degree view
  • Full-face snorkel
  • Easy to breathe under water
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Designed to fit people of all ages
  • Negligible amount of fogging
  • Separate breathing chamber
  • Easy to breathe through the nose and mouth


  • Hard to dive in great depths


The mask is an essential element for bottle or snorkel diving and this snorkel lets you explore the underwater world and bring back memories of your vacation (GoPro edition). In an ideal case, the Seaview mask allows you peaceful exploration and it can also become a nightmare when it takes water or fogs.

This snorkel is designed to prevent fogging and water entry in the mask. I would advise you not to take your choice of mask lightly and do not fuss over a few dollars.

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Octobermoon 180°Full view Panoramic Snorkel Mask Review

Octobermoon has recently designed an extremely enhanced diving mask for people who wish to spend their holiday exploring under water life. Basically what the company aims to supply is diving equipment that allows all underwater divers to see clearly in water without any sort of hindrance.


  • Made from Japanese non-toxic silicone and German Bayer PC
  • Made from user friendly materials
  • Provides a panoramic view of the sea because of the 180 degree design
  • User friendly
  • Extremely adjustable
  • Anti-Fog technology is inbuilt
  • Anti-leak technology is inbuilt


  • Designed to suit both kids and adults.
  • Fits any face type.
  •  Non-toxic and environment-friendly material used in production to prevent all forms of skin allergy.
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Separate breathing chamber
  • Negligible fogging
  • Comes with a mesh bag
  • Clear vision
  • Comfortable to wear for extended periods
  • Cheaper and better than other snorkels available in the market


  • Water leakage can be a major problem with this snorkel
  • Appears to be weak from the outside
  • Water sips into a dry snorkel area
  • Purge valve usually not working great
  • Difficulty in maintaining suction under water


The snorkel mask by Octobermoon helps in making breathing under water easier and also incorporates a GoPro feature which makes it possible to use the mask under water to capture numerous images according to your needs.

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HiCool 180 Dgree Larger Viewing Snorkeling Diving Mask Review

HiCool has designed and released a snorkelling mask that exceeds almost all boundaries set by a normal snorkel. HiCool’s snorkelling mask is exotic and comfortable to wear.

The basic quality a person looks for when trying to purchase an appropriate snorkel is the ease with which the mask helps breathing under water. HiCool has come as close as possible to making the ideal snorkelling gear which adheres to this requirement in every manner possible.


  • Provides a panoramic view
  • Integrates an anti-fog system
  • Separate breathing chamber that creates airflow away from main visor
  • All face types supported
  • Incorporates an elastic bandage to fit any head shape
  • Comes with an arc mask
  • Incorporates technology to release air from the mask directly
  • Longer ventilation pipe
  • Inbuilt anti-leak technology


  • Breathing and seeing extremely comfortable
  • Inbuilt rubber gaskets to keep face in comfortable position
  • User friendly strap
  • Objects seem closer than they really are
  • You can breathe normally under water


  • Fogs up too soon
  • Does not meet the expectations of a standard dive mask
  • Does not work in great depths


This snorkel mask, made from Japanese non-toxic silicone comes in red and black colours. It makes breathing easy and comfortable. The learning curve is short and mounting is simple with its two-piece design.

It comes with a mesh storage bag, an air tube to help the diver float easily and keep water from leaking into the mask. The user can breathe with either the mouth or the nostrils using the built-in separate tubes. The mask allows for a clear view of 180 degrees but has a tendency to fog too soon after a number of uses.

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Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask Snorkel Set

The company Cressi has launched a snorkeling mask and what sets it apart is its black-themed design. Another unique quality, which needs to be kept in mind while purchasing this mask is that the design is extremely frameless.


  • No-frame design that can easily fit into any face type
  • Provides a very large field of vision under water
  • Provides users with low volume close shots for better visibility
  • Mouthpiece is made of silicone
  • Designed for people interested in underwater photography
  • Extremely adjustable


  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Can be folded flat
  • Easy to carry with luggage
  • Push button feature
  • Extremely adjustable
  • Ensures good visibility under water
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Extremely adjustable strap but breaks easily
  • Mask might not be extremely adjustable at times
  • Mask does not fit all faces properly
  • Type of materials used not suitable for all
  • Lens fogs up easily


The Cressi snorkel provides more portable options due to its folded flat design. It also offers an unobstructed view of the diver’s surroundings which is absolutely perfect judging by the price. The mask gives an unobstructed view of the underwater being explored and you hardly feel like you are wearing a mask.

It is designed to be worn for long periods and to remain comfortable throughout. It is solid enough to withhold the rigors of deep diving. Its soft and form-fitting design comes with a set of adjustable straps that once cinched together makes the mask part of your body.

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Scuba diving is usually done with compressed air. For some ten years now, one has seen the emergence of oxygen-enriched air, called “Nitrox” or OAS (oxygen enriched air) or EAN (enriched air nitrox). This mixture has emerged in many places for professional diving.

There is talk of Nitrox 32 to designate a mixture containing 32% oxygen, instead of the 21% of the atmospheric air. Nitrox 40 therefore contains 40% oxygen and 60% nitrogen, and so on.

Relative to the compressed air, nitrox has the advantage that the body absorbs less nitrogen at a given depth than when diving with compressed air. The risk of decompression sickness is thus reduced, especially if you follow the decompression rules for ordinary air.

The scuba diving apparatus made it possible to dive with a bottled air reserve, without a pipe link to the surface, hence greater depths. With the appearance of “frogman,” sport diving has grown rapidly throughout the world.

However, this method is little used by professionals because of its inherent risks. In principle, the scuba “self-contained underwater breathing apparatus” due to its development in the United States, consists of a regulator that automatically adjusts the pressure of the respiratory air carried into a bottle to the ambient water pressure.

A membrane separating the air from the water opens the air intake valve when the pressure on the water side exceeds that of the air side, which occurs both when the diver descends lower and when he/she inspires. An exhaust valve allows air out into the water when it is greater than that of the pressure of water.

Given that the pressure in the bottles is normally much higher than the ambient pressure, which varies with depth, it needs two stages of pressure reduction. So we’re talking regulator with two floors, the first floor serving to reduce tank pressure to an intermediate pressure, higher by about 8 bars at ambient pressure.

Ancient helmet suits consisted of a brass or copper helmet equipped with portholes, sealed and mounted on a combination too tight (dry) with a special bib. Air was piped into the helmet by means of a pump located on the surface, and the plunger can then let it escape into the water at each end by means of a valve. The suit was stabilized with lead weights, especially at the breast, and the diver had to wear lead soles in order to move up in the water.

Modern Scuba diving gear has gone past all the gimmicks and has reduced technicalities to the barest minimum so that the diver can have a more satisfying experience under water.